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The aim is simple, to create a positive learning experience for all students, and get them Maths-confident!


I will do this through the sharing of resources, such as #Super8s, Problem Solving papers plus many more.


Below you will find a brief introduction to each section and how it could be of benefit to you.

The #Super8s section of the website is divided into each branch of mathematics that is to be tested on the new GCSE specification.


Each of the individual sections (Number, Algebra, Ratio, Geometry, Probability and Statistics) is then divided into sub-parts that match the specifications released by the exams boards. Each subpart has a worksheet with answers provided.


The reason behind this approach is to aid teachers with the planning, specifically around the new topics to be tested, but also to give students a platform to revise from.

The Problem Solving Papers are exactly what it says on the tin. A whole paper devoted to problem solving.


The reason for creating these resources is pure and simple down to the increase in AO2/AO3 questions, and the reluctance of students to attempt these questions.


Throughout my career I have noticed a need for quality new problem solving questions, and I feel that these papers are exactly what we as teachers need.

The Revision Mats have been created to assist teachers and students with their revision.


Each one of the revision mats is aimed at a particular grade (e.g. 1-9). The reason for this is so that students can focus their revision on work that reflects their target grade. Thus allowing them to see exactly what is expecting of a student of their ability.




A recently added feature to the site, KS2 revision booklets.


The booklets will be organised by the 9 different strands, that are to be tested, based upon the key stage 2 mathematics framework.


Each booklet will also include written solutions.

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